Global A Go-Go: Friday August 6, 5-7 PM presents:

Global A Go-GoGlobal A Go-Go: Friday August 6, 5-7 PM

The Budos Band (pictured above) is without a doubt Staten Island's number one instrumental Afro-soul collective.  Not much of an endorsement?  How about this: they're one of the hottest, funkiest bands in the world today.

Their third album is in stores next week; you'll hear a track from it on today's edition of Global A Go-Go, plus one each from their first two discs.  After that, you'll be prepared to write your own Budos Band hype.

Also on this week's program: soul music from the subcontinent, the funky 1970's in Ghana (including a preview of the new Analog Africa compilation, Afro-Beat Airways), and new desert blues by Tamikrest and Khaira Arby.

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Bill Lupoletti


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    August 6th, 2010

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