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Thanks Sean for covering for me when I was in space.  Let's do the UK stomp!

1.  Orphan Boy "Letter For Annie" 2010 (Manchester)

2.  The Ivy League "That's Why I'm Crying" 1965 Cameo

3.  The Whatevers "Rhapsody In Blue Jeans" 2010 unsigned (NW UK)

4.  David Bowie "Sons of the the Silent Age" 1977 RCA

5.  The Fuzz "Done Made My Vow" 2010 unsigned (Norwich)

6.  Cabaret Voltaire "Here To Go" 1987 EMI America

1. The Superimposers "The Beach" 2010 Wonderfulsound (London)

2.  THe Inner Dialogue "Cry Baby Cry" 70ish Ranwood

3.  The Harks "Last Call" 2010 unsigned (NW UK)

4.  Kate Bush "Them Heavy People" 1978 EMI America

5.  Allflaws "Escaping Sanity" 2010 Derelict State REcords (Bristol)

6.  Crispian St. Peters "Pied Piper" 1966 Jamie

1.  Flutatious "Morning Star" 2010 unsigned (London)

2.  The Smiths "I Want The One I Can't Have" 1985 Sire

3.  Green Plastic Revival "Paint Me a Picture" 2010 unsigned (Manchester)

4.  The Equals "My Like Ain't Easy" 1967 President REcords

5.  Joy of Sex "Hypnotic Jerk" 2010 I Blame The Parents (Cardiff)

6.  Sandie Shaw "Had a Dream Last Night" 1967 Pye

1.  Hitchcock "Running From the Sane" 2010 Starbase Music

2.  The Magic Lanterns "Shame Shame" 1968 Atlantic

3. Calm of Zero "Silence On the Radio" 2010 Unsigned (London)

4.  The Jam "Start" 1980 POlydor

5.  Gindrinker "Y Chromosome" 2010 I Blame The Parents (Cardiff)

1.  The Domino State "We Must Not Shut Ourselves Away" 2010 Exhibition Records (London)

2.  Officer KIcks "Tom Thumb" 2010 WE Make Records (LOndon)

3.  Standard Fare "I KNow It's Hard" 2010 Sheffield Thee SPC

4.  Thin LIzzy "Philomena" 1974 Island

1.  Standard Fare "Fifteen" 2010 Thee SPC (Sheffield)

2.  The Beatles "Lovely Rita Meter Maid"



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    August 7th, 2010

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