Shane Sayers playing live! presents:

River City LimitsShane Sayers playing live!

We've got live music on the show today by Shane Sayers!  

French Mistake                Denali

Facing You                       Marionette

Traces of Gold                 Louisianna Territory

Rebirth of  a Nation         Gills and Wings

Don't Worry About the Poolr     Special Ed and the Short Bus

Alaska                              Oregon Hill Funk All Stars

Against Nothing           David Shultz and the Skyline

Duct Tape                       Leslie Moruza

I found out                     Brett Harris

This Time This Time Battleflags

Diamonds of War      Apocalypse Pow

Cara Landa                Andrew McGraw

Love Unreturned      Shane Sayers

The Pauls                  Shane Sayers

Twirl                             Shane Sayers

Quiet Keep                 Shane Sayers

Twirl                             Shane Sayers

Ink and Blood            The Silent Type

Chuleta                        Bio Ritmo

Sam Samina           Amazing Ghost

Soul  Search             Divine Profits

Eryday                        Chief

Square    Root          Chrome Daddy Disco

Wooden Eyes           Ferdinand Thomas

Bombay Beach         The Diamond Center

Back Home                Pink Razors

Albert Green


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    August 7th, 2010

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