Salad Days- August 12, 2010 presents:

Salad DaysSalad Days- August 12, 2010

Hey everybody.  We got punk!  No crap.

At midnight, it's Friday the 13th.  So I put together an hour of horror punk and general horror songs to celebrate.  Enjoy.



Artist            /            Song              /   Album

Minor Threat/Salad Days/

The Saints/Kissin' Cousins/(I'm) Stranded (Elvis Cover)

Brutal Knights/Bikini Diet/Feast of Shame

Psycho Surgeons/Horizontal Action/Killed By Death #2

Angry Samoans/Lights Out/Back From Samoa

Southside Stranglers/I'm a Cannibal/Too Much TV

Vapid/Choke/Practically Dead

Cocksparrer/Teenage Heart/True Grit


Cloak/Dagger/Walk the Block/We Are

Nervous Eaters/Just Head/KBD #2

Gang Green/Terrorize/Sold Out 7"

Raw Power/Don't Let Me See It/You Are the Victim

Rich Kids on LSD/Feelings of Hate/Keep Laughing

Myracle Brah/Big Kids WannaRock

The Spits/Live in a Van/4th


The Powerchords/Think I'm Gonna/Think I'm Gonna

The Marked Men/Blew My Head/Ghosts

Zero Boys/Amphetamine Addiction/Vicious Circle

The Impule International/Dedication to Action/Point of Action

The Measure (SA)/Union Pool/One Chapter In The Book

Subhumans (Canada)/Slave to My Dick/Death Was Too Kind

Circle Jerks/I Don't Care/Group Sex


Dow Jones & the Industrials/Can't Stand the Midwest/KBD #8.5


Wire/Surgeon's Girl/Pink Flag

The Stitches/I Don't Know/Twelve Imaginary Inches

CoCoComa/Enemies/Things Are Not Alright


Septic Death/Burial/Burial 7"

Samhain/In My Grip/November Coming Fire

Groovie/Vampire Girl/

The Joneses/Graveyard Rock/Criminal History

The Undead/I Want You Dead/Dawn of the Undead

The Misfits/Death Comes Ripping/Earth A.D.


The Cramps/The Crusher/Off the Bone (Novas Cover)


Haunted George/Bone-Cat/Pile-o-Meat

45 Grave/Evil/Sleep in Safety

Crucif*cks/Hinkley Had a Vision/Meathouse Comp.

Red Scare/Red Rum/Meathouse Comp.


Heavy Cream/Heart of Darkness/Danny

the Pallbearers/2000 People/Murder Capital

The Pagans/Eyes of Satan/Sh!t Street

Subtonix/Vertigo/Tarantism (Screamers Cover)

the Nervous Habits/Genetic Mutation/Split w/Cheap Thrills


the Modey Lemon/Dr. Body Snatcher/Modey Lemon

Balzac/Fiendish Ghouls/Atom Age Vampire in 308

Son of Sam/Stray/Songs From the Earth

Ramones/Pet Semetary/Brain Drain


the Gories/Ghost Rider/I Know You Fine, But How You Doin'

the Misfits/We Are 138

A.C./Grindcore IS Very Terrifying/Everyone Should Be Killed



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    August 12th, 2010

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