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Let's all 60's and 70's, come on,,,!!!


I watched a cool little noir gem recently: The Damned Don't Cry, with Joan Crawford. It's worth looking for.

Set 1

String-Driven Thing/Night Club/Fill Your Head with Prog/Uncut mag CD


Groundhogs/Still a Fool/Scratching the Surface/Akarma

Sutherland Bros. & Quiver/Devil Are You Satisfied/Beat of the Street/Island

Blue Rondos/Baby I Go for You/Freakbeat Freakout/Castle

Set 2

Al Stewart/Bedsitter Images/Early Years/Janus

Cream/Cat's Squirrel/Fresh Cream/Polydor

Delaney & Bonnie & Friends/Things Get Better/On Tour w/ Eric Clapton/Atlantic

Colosseum/Debut/Those Who are About to Die Salute You/Sanctuary

Lee Michaels/Stormy Monday/Lee Michaels/A&M

Set 3

Wildflower/Coffee Cup/Love is the Song We Sing/Rhino

SRC/My Fortune's Coming True/Black Sheep/RPM

Creedence Clearwater Revival/The Night Time is the Right Time/Green River/FAntasy

Tornados/Dragon Fly/Vampires, Cowboys, Spacemen & Spooks/Castle

Dust/Stone Woamn/Dust/Kama Sutra

Set 4

Thyme/Somehow/A-Squared of Course/Big Beat

TC Atlantic/FAces/Pebbles/BFD

Oxford Circle/Foolish Woman/Love is the Song We Sing/Rhino

Jethro Tull/Beggar's Farm/This Was/Chrysalis

Arthur Conley/Funky St./Hard to Find 45's on CD/Eric

Set 5

Rugbys/King & Queen of the world/The Rugbys/Amazon

Red Crayloa/Hurricane Fighter Plane/Epitaph for a Legend/Collectibles

Buffy Sainte-Marie/Now That the Buffalo's Gone/Vanguard Visionaries/Vanguard

Mojo Men/Sit Down I Think I Love You/Nuggets, vol.1/Rhino

Judy Collins/Michael from Mountains/Wildflowers/Elektra

Set 6

Kaleidoscope/Egyptian Gardens + If the Night/Beacon from Mars & Other Psych Side Trips/Colllectibles

John Cale/Gideon's Bible/Vintage Violence/CBS

Hollies/You Know He Did/30th Anniv. Coll./Capitol

Set 6

James Gang/Woman/Greatest Hits/MCA

Buzzy Lawler


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    August 14th, 2010

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