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1,  Cocteau Twins "Carolyn's Fingers" 1988 4AD

2.  Green Plastic Revival "Stuck In The Mud" 2010 unsigned (Manchester)

3.  Telefair "Dance With You Dad" 02007 Cloud Sounds (Rhyl, Wales)

4.  Tunng "The Roadside" 2010 Full Time Hobby (London)

5.  The December Sound "No Heaven Like Hell" 2009 Northern Star REcords (New York)

6.  The Cavalcade "Voices" 2009 Pebble Records (NW)

1.  Gary Numan "Music For Chameleons" 1982 Beggars Banquet

2.  Clayton Road "Mercurt" 2010 Confidential Records (Newcastle Upon Tyne)

3.  The Electric Mainline "All Too MUch" 2009 Northern Star (London)

4. P.J. Harvey "Man-Size" 1993 Island

5.  Frightened Rabbit "Son C" 2010 Glasgow (Fan Club Release)


6.  The Haiku "Amber" 2009 self-released (Trowbridge)

1.  Nukeateen "Bossy" 2010 Daisy Chain Records (Wellingborough, Rushden, Melbourne)

2.  The Mission UK "Deliverance" 1990 Mercury

3.  The NoTomorrows "Levitate" 2008 Osiris

4.  The Beep SEals "I Dreamt a Metal Hat" 2007 Cloud Sounds

5.  The Rokes "Ride On" Psychic Circle 60's

1.  Colourbox Breakdown" 1982 4AD

2.  Marina and The Diamonds "Seventeen" Love at the Roost 2010 Fan Club (Wales and Ancient Greece)

3.  Dub Syndicate "Pounding System" 1982 On U Sound

4.  Wolf People "Tiny Circle" 2010 Jagjaguwar (LOndon)

5.  The Pattersons "I Can Fly" Psuchic Circle 60's

1.  Tom Jones "Burning Hell" 2010 LOst Highway (Wales)

2.  Belle and Sebastian "My Wandering Days Are Over" 1999 Matador



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    August 14th, 2010

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