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Thanks to Wisdom Tooth for trusting me with BombRadio this morning … alwasy a blast …

Welcome. We're going all kinds of places this morning …

As always, podcast info here.

This first track is by The Fierce & the Dead's Matt Stevens, a song he did for a friend who left us recently … If you go back an entry or two there's some info on an interview I recently did with Stevens about his latest, The Fierce and the Dead and a whole lot more … 

Lots coming up … something new from an outfit called Rumour Cubes, our own Tulsa Drone, new Mugstar, Who, Tadpoles {exciting news in that camp coming up …}, Fripp, Swell, Eric Burdon and hopfeully another visit from Ian Gillan … he made an appearance on BombRadio … and I might just bring him back …

Tadpoles … exciting news out of that camp. Todd Parker, founder, instigator, and all around voyager is back with a new solo outing, Greetings From the Star Chamber. Joining Mr. Parker is Mike Audino back on the drum kit and co-producing, David Max, Josh Bracken and other fine, fine folks … It's due in the next month or so and you'll hear it first here, on WRIR. I had good long conversation with Todd and Mike, so look for that in the coming weeks … Exciting news … and I'm told no ukulele.


Thanks for checking in …

~ Mr. Atavist

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    August 19th, 2010

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