Can’t Stop the Music, Sunday 8/22/2010 9-11pm presents:

Can’t Stop The MusicCan’t Stop the Music, Sunday 8/22/2010 9-11pm

Before there were the Shangri-Las, Patti Smith & Chrissie Hynde, there was the jazz musician & composer Abbey Lincoln, … assertive, clear headed, creative & gorgeous in voice & presence, on stage & in living.  Abbey Lincoln passed away this week at the age of 80 years old & CSTM will spend some time enjoying & acknowledging what she created & said.

Plus, while we're dwelling on history, CSTM will mark the 171st anniversary of the gift of photography by France "Free to the World" on August 19, 1839.  From then on, anyone with a lens, a box, some mercury, and a silvered sheet could record their street, their travels, the moon, the world around them, political conflicts, beautiful women & powerful personages.

Abbey Lincoln wrote:  "Throw it away.  Throw it away. Give your love, live your life, each and every day, and keep your hand wide open.  Let the sun shine through, 'cause you can never lose a thing if it belongs to you."

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    August 22nd, 2010

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