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This is a big one: We're debuting the brand new platter from Todd Parker and the Witches, Greetings from the Star Chamber. Only here, kids, only here … it's a coup I do for you …
This is the first outing from Parker since Tadpoles went on extended hiatus after the stellar Whirlaway. Greetings from the Star Chamber features Mike Audino back on the drum kit and co-producing as well as vets Josh Bracken, David Max and more. You can read an interview Todd Parker and Mike Audino did with us about reconnecting, Ween, ukuleles, secret ingredients, release info and much more … right here: Todd Parker :: Interview. We'll also revisit some of Parker's past work with Tadpoles to round out the whole tasty dish. 
We'll also get back to that brand new Mugstar, Lime and their labor of love that snowballed into the monster In Search of Hawkwind. Both are due later this Fall, but my grubby mitts have their fingers firmly on them now … Exciting times. Yes, they are. And keep your antennae polished for an interview with juggernaut Mugstar coming down the pike.
If it all goes right, we'll get to the new Admiral Radley, The Doors, Sennen, Twinkranes, Farflung, Bowie, Clinic and a whole grab bag of sonics. Lots to do this morning … we can do it.
Let's go to work …
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    August 26th, 2010

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