Quick Mother’s Milk Update! presents:

Quick Mother’s Milk Update!

I hope that you're all enjoying another fine Commonwealth of Notions – just wanted to let you know that the podcast for Mother's Milk of this week has finally been updated. 

DJ Ginger was great filling in on Monday night – I don't know if she'd ever even listened to an episode of Mother's Milk before, but she really got the vibe just right.  Everything from brit-pop to bluegrass, it's a delightfully eclectic and wonderfully boozy mix of grade-A tunes.  So check it out:  Click here to download it.  Curious about the setlist?  It's right here.

Also of note, if you're into live-music, here's my guide to recommended shows for the month of September.  I can't do the great job that Mike Rutz does on Activate! – his remit is a lot broader than mine – but if you're looking for a good show to drink some booze at, I've got your back.  

Josh Sturgill


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    September 1st, 2010

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