Pop Culture Casualties! presents:

River City LimitsPop Culture Casualties!

we have Pop Culuture Casualties in the studio today!

thanks to Julia and Tim for being our sound engineers.




Traces of Gold                              Lousiainna Territory

C-Tune                                           Old School Frieght Train

Two Towns Away                           Stephen Christoff


The Answer                                           Monday Machines

Televised                                                 Los 10 Space

Pan Child                                               Mermaid Skeletons  (by request)

Wake Up                                            Susan Greenbaum


Fighter Jets                                    Cheap Seats

Breakfast Song                            Kilamanjahro

Paper Radio                                Griefbirds

I just Can't  Win                          Lee Harris

Scrambled Eggs                         Live Wires


Brian Wilson I Love You              Prabir and the Substitutes

Instrumental                                Modern Groove Syndicate

You Take It All                            Dynamic Truths

Well, Well                                People's Blues of Richmond

Sadness/Uncomfortable      Pop Culture   Casualties

Pop Tune

Nowhere I haven't Been       

Afro Pik 1              Oregon Hill Funk All Stars

Talking Human                    Pop Culture Casualties

91 Miles To Richmond

Near Miss                                Moruza

Catch me If You Can             Jonathan Vassar

Rebirth of A Nation                    Gills and Wings

Catch Me If You Can                  Jonathan Vassar



Albert Green


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    September 4th, 2010

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