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Good morning. 

We're starting mellow then drifiting over to '60s psychedelic rock.   Hope you enjoy.


Holographic Universe                   Thievrery Corporation

Palenke                                           Bombe Estereo

Tiny European Cars                      Clem Snide

Dark Bubbles                                Black Moth Super Rainbow


Astronomy Domine                      Pink Floyd

Pitch to Voltage                             David Byrne and Brian Eno

Clap Hands                                 Tom Waits

The Seasons Reverse               Gastr Del Sol


Pictures of Matchstick Men         Camper Van Beethoven

Later is Now                                    Devo

The Answer                                   Monday Machines

The Grey Estates                         Wolf Parade

Facing You                                        Marionette


Ready To Start                           Arcade Fire

Crystalized                                  The XX

Love Comes Tumbling             U2

La Cadavere Exquis                 Serge Gainsbourg

Tombstone                                Suzanne Vega

The Passionate Shepard to His Love        Christopher Marlowe  (poem)


Laughing                                     Winterpills

I Believe In You                           Cat Power

Rock and Roll                            The  Velvet Underground

Chekannya     (Venus In Furs)     The Ukranians

Charlatan-Ka                                Golem


Spirit of Joy                                    Kingdom Come

Why Not Tonight                           Treetop

Greenfields                                      Mousetrap

Days of A Quiet Sun                       The Barracudas


Psychotic Reaction                       Count Five

Eight Miles High                            The Byrds

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night   The Electric Prunes

Incense and Peppermints           Strawberry Alarm Clock

Albert Green


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    September 5th, 2010

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