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What's up, guys?  We're back in action after turning the reins over to DJ Ginger for last week, and we're gonna have a good time.  Strap yourself in, and grab a beer.  Some stuff by bands playing this week, some stuff by bands not playing this week, and some stuff by… well, they all kinda fall into one category or the other.  Almost all new stuff, and then an all new Rum Doings in the second hour.  Thanks for listening!

If you'd like to see the setlist, just visit the Mother's Milk website.  If you're lookin' to download some podcasts, because you passed out early and couldn't make it to the wee hours of awesome, click here and make the magic happen.  If you Facebook, you can go ahead and check us out there, where we do fun things like concert-calendars, bargain-drinking guides, n' whatnot.  For anything else, leave a comment and I'll get back to ya…

Josh Sturgill


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    September 6th, 2010

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