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Global A Go-GoGlobal A Go-Go: Friday September 10, 5-7 PM

There's a small group of very noisy Americans (like the guy pictured above, and a fleet of Republican demagogues) who all of a sudden, nine years after the World Trade Center attack, have decided that Islam is engaged in a holy war with the USA (and that the Burlington Coat Factory outlet in lower Manhattan is a sacred site, but I digress).

Well, about 1.5 billion Muslims call B.S. on that notion — they loathe their fundamentalist extremists the same way that I loathe the guy pictured above.  You'll hear from a few of those Muslims on today's program, because it's time for the first-ever all-Islamic edition of Global A Go-Go.

You'll hear great contemporary music from Iran and Afghanistan, some hot North African rock, Sufi and Baul music from the Indian subcontinent, Bosnian sevdah, and much more.  Oh, and one song at the end of the program from a non-Islamic artist that speaks directly to "Rev." Terry Jones and his ilk.

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P.S.  That can't be a real mustache, can it?

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    September 10th, 2010

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