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Brothers and sisters, what a week and change … Moon Duo, Mondo Drag, Elf Power … all made an appearance … a veritable hat-trick. Locals Resin Pyramid and Caves Caverns brought their own sonic attack to the shows making them even more creamy … And we even got a cherry on top: Paste Magazine put the mighty WRIR in their The 40 Best Little Radio Stations in the U.S.

You bet we are.

Thanks to you … want to do a little bit more? C'mon … you know you do. Head to refresheverything.com/wrir and cast your vote for WRIR to help us bring YOU the new Community Newsroom. Head on over and get all the skinny … and spread your good will like frosting.

 We're going to take a different road down the Interstate to get to the launch pad this week … but blast-off is guaranteed.

Thanks for checking in …

~ mr. atavist

Go back in time just one entry and you can find an interview that Brace/Choir was gracious enough to do for us … giving you the skinny on all things Brace/Choir, the new platter, creating and living in Berlin and a little Satanic wedding thrown in for good measure … Coming up later in the show we got the Fierce & the Dead and new Todd Parker & the Witches … we were fortunate enough to nab and interview with guitarist Matt Stevens of the Fierce & the Dead and Todd Parker so give those a read why you're poking around. Always good stuff to find …

Todd Parker Interview

Matt Stevens Interview

No Self Control goes out to valis for making it hard for me to keep sonic control … a curse I gladly live with … 

Well, valis had one, so … Crimson goes out to Matt Stevens … enjoy Adrian …

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    September 23rd, 2010

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