Dancefloor Jazz Vol. 3 presents:

Dancefloor Jazz Vol. 3

Just in time for the launch of "Open Sesame", Richmond's first Dancefloor Jazz party (this Saturday at Balliceaux), we'll bring you the third volume of our Dancefloor Jazz series, hosted by DJ Pari. On tonight's show – once again – we'll deliver undeniable proof that Jazz isn't just music for listeners, but foremost, it is the perfect soundtrack for a nice workout with your dancing shoes. Not exactly a genre of its own, Dancefloor Jazz is rather a synonym for all kinds of music with a jazzy vibe, from Soul Jazz to Funky Jazz to Salsa, Samba and Bossa Nova. As long as it grooves and makes you feel so good that you can't help but dance, it will be among our picks tonight. Tune in from 11 pm until 1 am Eastern – and check us out at Balliceaux tomorrow!
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Mr. Felty and DJ Pari


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    September 24th, 2010

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