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Songs From The Big HairI’m driving the way back machine

Good Afternoon!

We've got songs from the 1980s coming at you this afternoon.    Originals mostly with a few covers mixed in.



I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)    Orson

Dance (Pt.1)                       The Rolling Stones

You Dropped A Bomb On Me   The Gap Band

Hello America                  Def Leppard

Leave or Stay                   The Cars

Mediate                              INXS

Reptile                              The Church

Catch A Star               Men At Work


Bring Me Some Water      Melissa Etheridge

Alone in The  Dark             John Hiatt

Crosscut Saw                    Eric Clapton

Land Of Canaan              Indigo Girls


Lay Your Hands On Me        Peter Gabriel

Big Science                      Laurie Anderson

Driver 8                               REM

Komputerworld               Kraftwerk


Tea In The Sahara           The Police

Running Up That Hill        Placebo

Torture                              The Cure


When Love Comes To Town  U2

Please Do Not Go         Violent Femmes

Nothing Compares To U    Big Daddy

I Lost on Jeopardy         Weird Al Yankovic


Bark At the Moon           Vitamin Lounge

Crazy Train                      Vitamin Lounge

Flying High Again           Ozzy Osbourne

Albert Green


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    September 25th, 2010

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