RCL: Fontaine plus Brian Landis from Lorem Ipsum presents:

River City LimitsRCL: Fontaine plus Brian Landis from Lorem Ipsum

Fontaine here hosting River City Limits, the local band show, today 5-7pm.  My special guest is Brian Landis (Lorem Ipsum, More Fire for Burning People).  He's gonna help me pick the tunes, and there will be plenty of cool 1990s RVA bands!

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Ululating Mummies – We Cannot Be Hurt

Rocket 69 – Search to Destroy
Point Blank – Bittersweet Victory  [next Wed. at The Camel]
Fire Faithful – Company Loves Misery  [tonight at McCormack's]
Low on Sanity – Electric  [next Sat. at Fallout]

The Colonists – Walk in the Sunshine  [early 70s all-girl group]
Mister Double You – Then We Have to Say Goodbye
The Colonists – You Don't Learn That in School

The Waking Hours – Out of my Mind
Dirtball – Little Only
King Sour – Crapspasm

talk w/ Brian Landis
Sliang Laos – Alabama Ego
Jolly Mortals – Frandiclone
Ipecac – Self Detonating Nuclear Family

talk w/ Brian Landis
Damn Near Red – Reunion

talk w/ Brian Landis
Mao Tse Helen – Mao Tse Theme
More Fire for Burning People – Naked
Hex Machine – Hook and Eyes

talk w/ Brian Landis
Ugly Head – Happiness is a Seizure
hose.got.cable – Occupatus
Rah Bras – The Fifth Allen

talk w/ Brian Landis
The Technical Jed – Idle Spec #2

talk w/ Brian Landis
Nudibranch – Synthetic
Heks Orkest – I've Been Waiting
Tulsa Drone – Fiery Seven

talk w/ Brian Landis
Alter-Natives – Paraquatt
First Five Thru – Summation
Hoover – Cable

talk w/ Brian Landis
Inquisition – Warning
Avail – Scuffletown

talk w/ Brian Landis
The Mensa Select – Last Man



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    September 25th, 2010

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