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Good morning!

Working my way through the alphabet this morning by artist name.



Diving Into The Wreck                       Adrienne Rich

Now It's My Turn                                 Berlin

If You Want Sing Out, Sing Out          Cat Stevens

Skateaway                                           Dire Straits


What I Am                                            Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

Said So What                                    French Kicks

There is a Wolf                                  Griefbirds

Extra Life                                             Hexstatic


Priviledge                                            Incubus

Splash                                                 Jeremy Jay

Shade of Hippiedom                        King of Prussia

Another Day In America                   Laurie Anderson


All You Need                                       Marionette

Pink Moon                                           Nick Drake

Truck                                                    Octopus Project

On The Phone                                   Parlovr

3x7s                                                     Queens of The Stone Age


Whatever Happened                         Radio Moscow

Written in Reverse                            Spoon

Low Shoulder                                    Toro Y Moi

The Queen is Dead                         The Ukrainians

Hurry On Sundown                            Vetiver


Roll Up Your Sleeves                       We Were Promised Jetpacks

VCR                                                     The XX

nothing To Hide                                Yo La Tengo

One More Chance                                   Zydepunks

Only An Expert                                      Laurie Anderson





Albert Green


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    September 26th, 2010

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