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River City LimitsLocal Music From A to Z

Good afternoon! 

The theme for this show is Local Music from A to Z (with a  couple of exceptions)


I take song requests at 804-649-9737.


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Judas' Sister                        American Dumpster

Still Standing                        Burma Jam

Whole Ghosts                     Cinemasophia


Bombay Beach                   The Diamond Center

Central Tendencies          Exebelle and the Rusted Cavalcade

Sinking Feeling                 Friendly Fire

High Five Club                   The Gaskets

The Buskateers               Happy Lucky Combo


I Just Stopped By              ILAD

Any Old Way                       Jackass Flats

Someplace Fine               Karma Farmers

Inside the Breath              The Low Branches

Near Miss                            Moruza


Byrd Park                            Now Sleepyhead

Truth In Lies                     The Onset

Geometric Park               Pink Razors


Rattlesnake Mountain     Red Clay River

House Water                  Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra

Mean Nouns                 The Sort

Starz                                 Tommy Tec

Nothing Real              Used Carlotta


Junkbox                         VCR

Wash My Back             Mr. Wiggles

This Tyme                   The Young Sinclairs

Wear a Helmet            Zac Kryciak and the Jungle Beat


The Answer                     Monday Machines

For the Better                   The Trillions

Back Stage Room            The Riot Before


Albert Green


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    October 2nd, 2010

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