Surf/Garage Rock Special!! presents:

The 12 Fl. Oz. ShowSurf/Garage Rock Special!!


the  Rats—-Rats revenge Back from the Grave Crypt Records


Judge and Jury —Roaches


the Interns—-I've got something to say


the Others—I can't stand this love goodbye

the Beau Dentures—-straight home
the Belles—Melvin  Riot City Satan Records
Mel Smith— pretty plaid skirt  Flame Records
the Tropics—-you better move   Riot City/Satan Records
Bunker Hill—Little red riding hood   Black Rock'n'Roll/Savage Kick
5-6-7-8 —-Three Cool Chicks—The  5,6,7,8's e.p/Sympathy for the Record Industry
Jackie and the Cedrics—Go Honda Go  single/Hillsdale Records
Esquerita—rock around  Vintage Voola/Norton
Link Wray—Mary Anne 
Sonics—Psycho    Rockabilly Psychosis/Big Beat
Thee Mighty Ceasars—Thee trickster    Big Beat Beach Party
The Rivingtons Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow  The Liberty Years/EMI
The Readymen—Shortnin Bread  Get Ready!!/Norton
Eddie and the Showmen—Squad Car  
Untamed Youth—Pabst blue Ribbon
The Fly—The Mummies   Play Their Own Records/Estrus
the Crossfires—out of control   Out of Control/Rhino
Phantom Surfers—Everybody Up  The Exciting Sounds of Model Road Racing/Hobby Hut Records
Dick Dale—Surf Beat
Phantom surfers—-Dick!    (Prank Phone Call to Dick Dale)/Planet Pimp Records
Bomboras—3rd Star to the Left  Organ Grinder/ Dionysus Records
Flat Duo Jets—-Sing, Sing, Sing  Flat Duo Jets/Doggone
The Milkshakes—Ya Ya (Twist)  20 Rock and Roll Hits
The Underdogs—Get Down On Your Knees  Friday at the Hideout
The Pebbles—I'm Sitting By The Window     single/Planet Pimp
Junior Varsity—Bam-b-b-b-bam bam bam

The Milkshakes / Ya Ya (Twist) / 20 Rock And Roll Hits Of The 50s And 60s


The Underdogs / Get Down On Your Knees / Friday At The Hideout: Boss Detroit Garage 1964-67
Tell Me / Barefacts / 60s Garage Rock Nuggets
Don't Do That / Stud Cole /Burn Baby Burn
Loopy Cockatoo/ The Mopes /Low-down, Two-bit Sidewinder
The Pack—Nobody Can Tell Us
The Donnas—I Wanna Be a Unibomber The Donnas/Lookout Records
The Marked Men—We Won't Talk About It    The Marked Men/Rip Off Records
The Delmonas—I Didn't Run Do the Uncle Willie /Skyclad Records
Joe Tex—Looking for My Pig single
Lee Dorsey—Great Googa Mooga Funky as I Can Be!
Etta James / Tough Lover/ single
Ralph Nielsen & the Chancellors—Scream!/Rockabilly Psychosis/ Big Beat
Crazy Teens—Crazy Date
The Rats—Rats Revenge—Back from the Grave
Garry Morse


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    October 4th, 2010

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