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Sunrise Ocean BenderHit the Kill Switch, Eugene

It is as it should be: thanks to Wisdom Tooth for steering the BombRadio home … Welcome to the Sunrise Ocean Bender … 

~ mr. atavist

Let's get going. Lots of waters to navigate this morning. Lunar Testing Lab is starting us out this morning and will show a bit down the pike … sit back, relax and enjoy the ride sideways.

We'll be starting the valis Pick of the Week this morning, too. Somewhere in the stew we'll drop in with valis and see what nugget he has to offer us … something flying in from Australia I believe …

Podcasts past, soon to be present and into the future, as always, are at radio4all.net.

Lunar Testing Lab and Danny Spacecat were both great finds at the fantastic Homemade Lofi Psychedelic blog … his samplers are well worth exploring.

We got Brace/Choir making a return this morning … if you missed it, these upstanding gentlemen hailing from Berlin took some time out from a busy run to give us the skinny: Brace/Choir :: Interview


  valis Pick of the Week :: Serenade from the Driftwood Drones

We also recently had an interview with Todd Parker on his new release, Greetings from the Star Chamber … we heard DisconnectTodd Parker :: Interview

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    October 14th, 2010

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