Hip-Hop For The Rest Of Us..yeah, you!!! presents:

Hip-Hop For The Rest Of UsHip-Hop For The Rest Of Us..yeah, you!!!

What a week!  With so much love given, it must be shown! Thus, were runnin Hip-Hop from right here in VA & more!!

Swerve – Get It Get It/Exclusive
Pravda – Intacontinental/DIY
Heavy – Never Quit/DIY

Menya – Loose Is The Goose/The Sleepover Series Vol 1
Tika Boo – Do Me Like Dat/DIY
Azrael AkA Onasis – On My New Ish/Exclusive
Bobby Capri Tre – Shes A Killer/DIY

Suburban District – Back N Forth/Yellow Cake
Noah-O – Live Good/Trillmatic II
Lyrix – No Weve Done It/DIY
Official Freeze Big Jae – From Sun Up/Exclusive

Joey Ripps Drastic – Hell Of It/DIY
Nickelus F – Take You With Me/Season Premier HD (Mixtape)
Afi – Black Queen/Herbal Ex

Photosynthesizers – Word Of Mouth/EP
Joe Threat AKA Edify – Attic Addict/Exclusive
Sleaze – Old Soul/DIY

Sloppy Joe – Get Off/DIY
Crunk Squad Black Liquid – 7 Days/Exclusive
Concise – Im A Get Mine/DIY

Poemack Devious Case Jones – Move Mountains/Mountain Music
Ms Proper – Hotel Room/The Wake Up
Van Ark Tony Moon – Deja Vu/Chemical Beats
Blokxz – Live Life To The Fullest/DIY

Black Reign – We Killin Em/Exclusive
Die Hard Boyz – Worst In Me/2 Of VA's Most Wanted
Lou Tully – Feel It All Around (Washed Out)/DIY
Jah-I-Witness – Just Fine/The Struggle The Love The Glory




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    October 16th, 2010

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