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Songs From The Big Hairmember the 80’s?

Recession hmmmmmmmmmmm? Enjoy the show fearturing some Cherry Red and LA Paisley Underground today and maybe a touch of DC GOGO



Today's Playlist:

1.  Felt "Something Sends Me To Sleep" 1979 Cherry Red

2.  Magazine "Stuck" 1980 Virgin

3.  808 State "Cobra Bora" 1989 ZTT REcords


1.  That Petrol Emotion "Cellophane"  NORTHERN IRELAND

2.  Lene Lovitch "Bird Song" 1980 Line

3.  The Monochrome Set  "The Mating Game" 1982 Cherry Red


1.  Bill Lloyd "Everything's Closing Down" 1987 DB Records

2.  The Mighty Lemon Drops "Where Do We Go From Heaven" 1989 Sire

3.  Chris and Cosey "Put Yourself In LA" 1981 CTI Records


1.  The Church "Travel By Thought" 1983 Arista

2.  Brian Brain "Unexpected Nioses" 1980 Secret Records

3.  Nightingales "Paraffin Brain" 1982 Cherry Red


1.  Sad Lovers and Giants ""Alice (Isn't PLaying)" 1982 Midnight Music

2.  Galaxie 500 "Blue Thunder" 1988 Domino

3.  The Three O'Clock "A Day In Erotica" 1983 Frontier


1.  The Raincoats "No One's Little Girl" 1983 Roir

2.  Thomas Leer "Letter From America" 1982 Cherry Red

3.  The Golden Palominos "Buenos Airies" 1985 Celluloid


1.  Rain Parade "This Can't Be Today" 1983 Restless

2.  Tracey Thorn "Plain Sailing" 1982 Cooking Vinyl

3.  John Otway "Cheryl's Going Home" 1980 Stiff


1.  The Danse Society "All I Want" 1986 Goth

2.  Swell Maps "The Hellicoptor Spies" 1980 Mute

3.  Dramarama "Some Crazy Dame" 1985 Rhino



Thanks for listening





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    October 16th, 2010

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