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Many brand new releases today with classics thrown in for good measure.




Today's Playlist:


1.  Wolf People "Castle Keep" 2010 Jagjaguwar (Bedford, London, North Yorkshire, Midlands)

2.  The Fratellis "Shameless" 2008 Interscope (Glasgow)

3.  The Zombies "A Rose For Emily" 1968 (St. Albans)

4.  Belle & Sebastian "I'm Not Living In The Real World" 2010 Rough Trade (Glasgow)


1.  The Vereve "On Your Own" 1995 Virgin (Wigan)

2.  Richard Thompson "Demons In Her Dancing Shoes" 2010 Proper (London)

3.  Badly Drawn Boy "The Order of Things" 2010 The End (Manchester)


1.  Delta Mainline "Here Comes The Light" 2010 Rehab Sound Productions (Edinburgh)

2.  Tunng "October" 2010 Thrill Jockey (London)

3.  Nick Flavell "Siberia" 2010 Indietorrent (London)

4.  Bauhaus "Double Dare" 1980 4AD (Northampton)


1.  Shrag "Coda" 2010 "Where It's At Is Where You Are" 2010 (Brighton)

2.  The Clientele "The Green Man" "Nothing Here Is What It Seems" 2010 Merge (London)

3.  Psapp "Part Like Waves  "Part Like Waves" 2008 Domino


1. Dusty Spribgfield "In the Land of Make Believe" 1969 Atlantic (London)

2. Edwyn Collins "A Girl Like You" 1994 Bar/None (Edinburgh)

3. Thee Knight of Trashe "Because of You" 2010 self-released (NE UK)

4.  Butterfly Explosion "Closer" 2010 Revive Records


1.  Green Plastic Revival "Searching" 2010 Unsigned (Manchester)

2.  Marcel "The Soft Bus(A Fantasy) 2010 self released

3. The Smiths "Is It Really So Strange" 1988 Sire


1.  Wolf People "Tiny Circle" see first cut grin



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    October 16th, 2010

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