the living the dead&the undead presents:

the living the dead&the undead

Mortality is the theme today.  And I don't mean mortality in a bad, maudlin way. 

Day of the Dead                    The Church

Brain Dead                              Bomb The Bass

Dead Beat                              Lake

Time has Told Me                 Nick Drake


Fussing and Fighting            Bob Marley

Please Mr. Gravedigger        David Bowie

Road to Dead                         Paula Cole

The Jezebel Spirit                   Brian Eno and David Byrne

Death                                          John Dunne


The Queen is Dead                The Ukrainians

Dead Flowers                         The Rolling Stones

What's Going On                  Marvin Gaye

Back To The Web               Elf Power

Half Moon                                Janis Joplin


Dancing on our Graves        The Cave Singers

Death of a Naturalist            Seamus Heaney**

Strong as Death, Sweet as Love  Al Green

To His Coy Mistress            Andrew Marvell***


Death Letter                            Son House

Death is a Star                       The Clash

These are the Ghosts   (Undead Version)         The Bees

Thin   Man                               Suzanne Vega


In the Light                             Led Zepplin

Many Ghosts                           Akron Family

The Ghost at Number One     Jellyfish


Fantome Dur  (Tuff Ghost)      Nous Non Plus

Ghost of the City Life                Albert Cross

Testify                                         Stevie Ray Vaughn&Double Trouble

Albert Green


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    October 17th, 2010

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