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Good evening! 

I'm filling for Gary tonight.  I hope you enjoy the show.



The Ocean Drinks The Sun               Homemade Knives

Tonight's The Night                              Neil Young

The Thief and the Heartbreaker        Alberta Cross

Love's  Not Where We Thought We Left It     John Hiatt


That's Alright                                          Albert King

A Big Hunk O'Love                               Elvis Presley

Graceland                                              Big Daddy    

I Don't Get It                                           Cowboy Junkies

This Tornado Loves You                    Neko Case


I Don't Know When                             Hal Harris

Old Trash Can                                    The Hot Seats

New Virginia Creeper                       Old Crow Medicine Show


Dukes of Hazzard Theme                  Waylon Jennings

Here I Am                                              Lyle Lovett

Spin The Bottle                                    Benny Joy


Moonlight Mile                                     The Rolling Stones

Sugar Man                                           Kris Kristopherson

Please Pardon Yourself                    The Avett Brothers

Dr.  Bernice                                        Cracker


Hurry on Sundown                       Vetiver

Cry Cry Cry                                      Johnny Cash  

Howlin at the Moon                        Hank Williams

Ramblin' Woman                            Cat Power

Everybody's Lookin For a Meal   Blind Willies


Atom Bomb                                      Glenn Barber

Uranium Fever                                 Ruddy  Gaddis

Isis                                                   Bob Dylan


Sugar                           The Wooden  Birds

Something Beautiful                      Clem Snide

Albert Green


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    October 25th, 2010

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