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You know what amazes me more than the fact that if you donate to WRIR's Fall Fund Drive you can get this dreamy one-of-a-kind tote? It's not that it can easily accommodate the Sunrise Ocean Bender with room for a scone, or do the same, in style, for the fantastical musical trip you're on. It's not even the fact that if you support WRIR I will personally fill this accessory explosion with 100% unadulterated unicorn-frolicking love-bunny 'thank yous' from the bottom of my black heart. And, believe it or not, it's not the fact that you will look like the tail of a comet when you tote your sonics around.

No. It's that when WRIR DJs fill their Fund Drive totes with their next shows, it doesn't combust like a dried up scarecrow's head.

Join me Fridays, 3-6 a.m., on WRIR for the Sunrise Ocean Bender … Can't do it? Don't want to do it? Can't bring yourself to do it?

Understood. WRIR has something for everyone: that's the beauty of it.

What you can do is support YOUR favorite show or host, right now, at

Mission Control out. We now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast …

 … let's go. Hope everyone had a great Halloween … and thanks for getting the Fund Drive week up and flying in high fashion.

Got the itch? You can donate right now online … more on that later.

Let's pack 'em in.

As always, show podcasts are with

~ mr. atavist

RVA's own Revolt of the Apes scored an interview with John-Paul Hughes of Helicon { The Point Between Heaven and Hell} … you can talk to the Ape here.

We got Brace/Choir coming up in a bit … check out what these gentlemen from Berlin have to say in an interview they did for us. You can check that goodie right here.

New Todd Parker & the Witches coming up in a bit off his Greetings from the Star Chamber, a great return showing from Tadpoles founder and instigator. You can check an interview Mr. Parker did for us here with drummer/collaborator/co-producer Mike Audino.

valis Pick of the Week: Hang On off of The Town with the Bad Wiring by The Upsidedown


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    November 4th, 2010

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