Is ‘Boozic’ a word? presents:

Is ‘Boozic’ a word?

Drunk Cat!

… if not, I just invented it.  And I have an English degree, so I am licensed to coin words.   Tonight's show features some new local stuff, some stuff inspired by my friend Jon's Facebook page, and some other random new shit that is sure to please… all of it thoroughly boozy!  Thanks for listening!  Click 'Read More' for the setlist, and if you weren't able to listen life, click here to download the podcast.  We are always there for you!

For the record, thanks for DONATING last week, too – if you haven't yet, there's TOTALLY still time.  Also, big mad crazy props to whoever picked Mother's Milk and Wordy Birds as their two favorite shows.  Mine too!

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Josh Sturgill


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    November 8th, 2010

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