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Welcome to some of the sounds of Richmond in the '80's.

Set 1

Plimsouls/How Long Will it take?/The Plimsouls/Rhino

Offenders/Wait and See/Offenders record/Generic

dB's/She's Not Worried/Stands for Decibels/Collector's Choice

Chris Stamey/Never Enters My Mind/It's a Wonderful Life/DB Records

Set 2

Flesh for Lulu/Time and Space/Plastic Fantastic/Capitol

Cashmere Jungle Lords/Swamp Music/Oodjie Boodjie Night Night/Li'l Abner

Dads/Come Out Swinging/Bryan Harvey-Remember Me Well/Fat Elvis

Chesterfield Kings/Everywhere/Don't Open til Doomsday/Mirror

Set 3

Dirty Secrets/Eyes Don't Lie/Lost & Profound/generic

Always August/Interrogation/Black Pyramid/SST

Single Bullet Theory/Blink of An Eye/Single Bullet Theory/Nemperor

Stevie Ray Vaughan/Testify/Texas Flood/CBS

Set 4

Tommy Keene/Nothing Happened Yesterday/The Real Underground/Alias

Love Tractor/Rufolf Nureyev/This Ain't No Outerspace Ship/Big time

Spongetones/Here I Go Again/Beat Music/Beach Beat

Romantics/She's Got Everything + Til I See You Again/Romantics/Nemperor

L'Amour/Sunglass Party/Zero Degree

Set 5

Replacements/We're Comin' Out/Let it Be/Restless

Bongos/The Bulrushes/Drums Along the Hudson/PVC

Del-Lords/Saint Jake/Johnny comes Marching Home/EMI

Marshall Crenshaw/There She Goes Again + Favorite Waste of Time/Marshall Crenshaw/Rhino

Good Guys/Beeline/A System of Grooves/A Typical

Set 6

Let's Active/Waters Part/Cypress/IRS

House of Freaks/My Backyard/Bryan Harvey-Remember Me Well/Fat Elvis

Robert Gordon & Link Wray/Red Cadillac & Black Moustache/Fresh Fish Special/RCA

Peter Case/Steel Strings/Peter Case/Geffen

True West/Steps to the Door/Hollywood Holiday Revisited/Atavistic

Long Ryders/Long Story Short/Two-Fisted Tales/Island

Set 7

Single Bullet Theory/There is the Boy/op. cit.

Buzzy Lawler


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    November 13th, 2010

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