Global A Go-Go: Friday November 26, 5-7 PM presents:

Global A Go-GoGlobal A Go-Go: Friday November 26, 5-7 PM

Bellowhead (pictured above) is probably the most exciting and imaginative band working in English folk music today, bringing the dynamics of a jazz big band and the theatricality of the music hall to traditional songs.  You'll hear a song from their new album Hedonism on this week's program, and you'll hear from a few like-minded British artists as well.

Other things to look forward to: some surprising Latin-style covers of Anglo pop and rock hits, an Argentine singer-songwriter's riff on Congotronics, a band from Marseille plays samba, a steel drum band takes on Fela Kuti, and more unexpected pleasures.

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    November 26th, 2010

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