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Local music!

(Requests marked by **)

Cabbage Green                Mr. Wiggles**

Two Towns  Away          Stephen Christof**

Brass Scene Kids             No BS Brass Band


Been Through                   Three Fourths Drunk

Yours                                   Griefbirds

Candy's Gone                  Burst Into Flames

Garoon Garoon               Balkanize!          

Happy Bell                      Mermaid Skeletons



Fur Das Kind               Burma Jam           **   

House Fire                    The Former Champions

Bombay Beach          The Diamond Center**

Small Like The Atom   8Bit Runner

Down Children Down!             Lobo Marino

Siren                                    Marionette


We All Shine A Light        Cracker

Geometric Patterns           Pink Razors

Lumbering Thud              Rattlemouth

Day At The Ocean                Special Ed and the Shortbus 

Nebraska                          Homemade Knives


Copper Kettle                    Arise Sweet Donkey

Radio On                           Cashmere Jungle Lords

Diamonds of War             Apocalypse Pow


Living With You              Baaba Seth

World of Mirth                  Happy Lucky combo

Last Song About Hate    Lazycain

I Shall Not Be Moved         Wrenn Magnum

Wash My Back               Mr. Wiggles


Gallaballa                      Anthony Curtis

La Verdad                  Bio Ritmo


Albert Green


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    December 4th, 2010

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