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Welcome to the Saloon!

I'm filling in for Gary this week.   Hope you enjoy the show.




Everywhere In Chains                          Amy Martin

Keep me Movin'                                     K.D Lang

Money                                                      Pickin' on Floyd

Give It To Me  (The Obscenity Prayer)     Rodney Crowell

New Coat of Paint                                   Tom Waits

Moonlight  Mile                                      Rolling Stones

Mystery Train                                          Little Junior Parker

Tell Me Why                                            Neil Young


Barnaby Hardly Working                      Yo La Tengo

Song of the Lost                      Griefbirds

Stuck Inside of Moblile With the Memphis Blues Again    Cat Power

Repair Man                                    Jerry Clower**

Garbage Man                                 Muddy Waters

Talking Seattle Rock Grunge Rock Blues   Todd Snider


Watch Yourself                            Heny Grey

I'm A Ramblin Man                       Waylon Jennings

I Got To Keep Rolling                 Jimmy Reid

Come On In This House /Have Mercy Baby           Buddy Guy&Junior Wells


Xmas Blues                                 Big Tyme

Cross Roads                               Homesick James

You Better Stop                             Andrew Brown

This Tornado Loves You             Neko Case


I Will Rise Up/Ain't No More Cane          Lyle Lovett

Amerika 6.0  The Best We Can Do       Steve Earle





Albert Green


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    December 6th, 2010

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