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Doug, in for Buzzy once again…who’s celebrating a birthday this weekend. One is allowed to ask which birthday, but I’ll let him answer you when he returns. Thanks so much for listening today; please click on “Read More” to see the play list.

1st Hour:

(Artist/Track/CD Title/Label/Year)


Kansas/Bringing It Back/Kansas/Kirshner/1974

Flash/ Lifetime/In the Can/ Capitol/1972

Larry Raspberry & the Highsteppers/ Baby, Get Out of Bed/ High Steppin’ & Fancy Dancin’/ Enterprise/1972

Nils Lofgren/Grin/End Unkind/1+1/Spindizzy/1972


Hot Tuna/Water Song/Burgers/Grunt/1972

Jefferson Airplane/ Embryonic Journey/ Surrealistic Pillow/RCA/1967

Shawn Phillips/Moonshine/Collaboration/A&M/1970

Beatles/Savoy Truffle/The Beatles (“Double” White Album)/Apple/1968

Stevie Wonder/Another Star/Songs in the Key of Life/Tamla/1976


John Mayall/California /The Turning Point/ Polydor/1969

Rolling Stones/Yesterday's Papers/Between the Buttons/Decca/1967



2nd Hour:

(Artist/Track/CD Title/Label/Year)


Kansas/Song for America/Song for America/Kirshner/1975

Yes/Close to the Edge/Close to the Edge/Atlantic/1972

Moody Blues/ Legend of a Mind/ In Search of the Lost Chord/Deram/1968


Eric Burdon & The Animals/Saint James Infirmary/Every One of Us/MGM/1968

Santana/Se A Cabo/Abraxas/Columbia/1970


Al Stewart/Nostradamus (Part 1)-The World Goes to Riyadh-Nostradamus (Part 2)/original studio version: Past, Present & Future/Janus/1973—live version: The Best of Al Stewart/Arista/1985

Doug the Sub


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    December 11th, 2010

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