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Sunrise Ocean BenderThe Wall-to-Wall Is Calling

I may not be Santa , but I got a bag full of goodies and you can open 'em before Xmas … and I don't care if you save the wrapping paper, even though your sister might.
And that's enough about your sister …

It's time to stretch … deep knee bends, deep breaths … let's go:

The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment, Manual Zombie, Farflung, F/i, Matt Stevens, Yes, Steve Hackett, Wolf People, Twelve, La Düsseldorf, Helicon, Fripp, Swell Maps … and much more for your discriminating tastes.

It sure seemed to bum out Zevon when they moved the moon awhile back, but we got some lunar power right here: the mighty mighty Electric Moon has landed. God bless postal workers across the globe. We'll dig in to a nice long one from their stellar Lunatics.

Am I wearing a red suit? You'd never know: this is live radio.

~ mr. atavist

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    December 16th, 2010

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