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Good morning!  

 I've got Blake with me bringing you tracks on a snowy Sunday morning.

Got my top 5  2010 tracks at the start of the second hour.   Blake's got a top 5 favorite too-from all different years. 



Heme Cloudland Canyon

Shine on You Crazy White Cap     Teen Daze

El Gusano     (Alice in Wonderland)   Traffic Sounds

Alice in Wonderland   (Through the Looking Glass)


Hunter on the Moon    Lonely Drifter Karen

Thabo                           Bayete and Jabu  Khanyile


I Can Take You To The Sun   The Misunderstood

Fever                               Neko Case

Low Life                           Sting

Soft Crush                       Dubstyle

Blue Moon Rising              Gomez

(Blake's Top 5 tracks)

The Baby Sitters Here          Dar Williams

Whether to Fly                    Elbow and The BBC Concert Orchestra

Ten Cent Pistol                   The Black Keys

Beast and Dragon Adored     Spoon

Talulah                                 Tori Amos

Albert's 2010 picks  (no particular order)

Rite of the Ancients                The Budos Band   (III)

Later is Now                          Devo       (Something for Everybody)

Children's Work                      Dessa   (A Badly Broken Code)

Apply                                    Glasser        (Ring)  

Not the Kid                           Communist Daughter   (Soundtrack to The End)


Never Anyone But You          The   Clientele

Lie In Light                            Cloudland Canyon

It Was Nice Meeting You         Marionette






Albert Green


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    December 26th, 2010

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