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Tonight, a special feature!  It's the end of 2010, for Mother's Milk.  So we thought we'd take a look at the people who died this year.  I compiled a massive list of musicians who kicked the bucket this year, and went down it finding songs that reference booze from each one.  And I have way more than I can cram into a single show, so I might just go with this theme next week too, I haven't decided, but either way, THIS week there are tons of dead musicians on boozy tracks.  Enjoy – maybe you'll find someone you like, a little too late to give them any cash for music.  This week marks the final Rum Doings episode of 2010 as well (obviously, since it's the last episode of Mother's Milk period, for this year).  If you'd like to listen to the episode of Rum Doings which we broadcast tonight, click here.

UPDATE:  Miss the live broadcast?  It's cool, guy; just download it right now – click here and make your ears happy.  As per always, if you're not a fan of Mother's Milk on Facebook, click here and check out our Facebook page.  It's neat, sometimes, and mostly harmless.  Your friends will think you're cool.  

The setlist doesn't tell you who died, so for the record, here's my notes.  Big apologies to Ronnie James Dio; I think I fucked up and played a Sabbath song he wasn't on.  Wikipedia said he did a record that All Music seems to say he didn't, so… I dunno.  I'll straighten it out during the week and play a definitively Dio drinking song first thing next week, okay? 

Ben Keith (played with Neil Young) – died 07/26/10 – This Old Guitar by Neil Young
Solomon Burke – died 10/10/10 – Cry To Me by Solomon Burke
Richie Hayward of Little Feat – died 08/12/10) – Willin' by Little Feat
Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) – died 12/17/10 – Seam Crooked Sam by Captain Beefheart
Woolly Wolstenholme of Barclay James Harvest – died 12/13/10 – Sip of My Wine by Barclay James Harvest
Alex Chilton (died 03/17/10) and Andy Hummel (died 07/19/10) of Big Star – O My Soul by Big Star
General Johnson of Chairmen of the Board – died 10/13/10 – Pay To the Piper by Chairmen of the Board
Gregory Isaacs – died 10/25/10 – Rumours by Gregory Isaacs
Garry Shider of Parliament-Funkadelic – died 06/16/10 – Moonshine Heather by Parliament
Doug Fieger of The Knack – died 02/14/10 – In Blue Tonight by The Knack
Jim Clench of April Wine, BTO, and Bryan Adams' frist record – died 11/03/10 – Highway Hard Run by April Wine
Rich Cronin of LFO – died 09/08/10 – Summer Girls by LFO
Peter Christopherson of Coil, Throbbing Gristle, and a bunch of other stuff – died 11/25/10 – Love's Secret Domain by Coil
Ronnie James Dio of Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio – died 05/16/10 – Trashed by Black Sabbath
John Sekula of Mushroomhead – died 10/28/10 – Bwomp by Mushroomhead

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    December 27th, 2010

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