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All aboard for 1969,,,OK?

I remember tromping thru the cold rain to Slay's Record Shop on Harrison St. in Sept. of 1969 to buy Abbey Road.


Set 1

Nazz/Forget All About It/Open Our Eyes/Castle

Mason Proffit/Walk on Down the Road/Come & Gone/Warner Bros.

Quatrain/Ask Me No Questions/Quatrain/Sundazed

Blodwyn Pig/It's Only Love/Ahead Rings Out/A&M

Scott Walker/It's Raining Today/Boy Child/Fontana

Set 2

Joe Cocker/I Shall be Released/With a Little Help from My Friends/A&M

East of Eden/Isadora/Mercator Projected/Eclectic

Velvet Underground/What Goes On/velvet Underground/Polydor

Terry Reid/Rich Kid Blues/Terry Reid/Beat Goes On

Set 3

Chicago/Listen/Chicago Transit Authority/CBS

Doug Dilllard & Gene Clark/Through the Morning, Through the Night/American Dreamer 1964-74/Raven

Spooky Tooth/Lost in My Dream/Best of ST/A&M

John Stewart/California Bloodlines/California Bloodlines/Capitol

Mighty Baby/Trials of a City/Mighty Baby/Big Beat

Set 4

Elysian Field/Bed of Roses/Oxford American Music CD

Jack Bruce/Never Tell your Mother She's Out of Tune/Songs for a Tailor/Atco

Amon Duul/Kannan/Best of 1969-74/Purple Pyramid

Iron Butterfly/Filled with Fear/Ball/Atlantic

Kinks/Young & Innocent Days/Arthur/Essentials

Set 5

Leonard Cohen/The Partisan/Songs from a Room/CBS

Judy Henske & Jerry Yester/St. Nicholas Hall/Farewell Aldebaran/Straight

Skip Spence/Weighted Down/Oar/Sundazed

Illusion/Did You See Her Eyes/The Illusion/Steed

Set 6

Colosseum/A Walk in the Park/Those Who are About to Die Salute You/Castle

Climax Blues Band/Hey Baby Everything's Gonna be Alright Yeh Yeh Yeh/Climax Chicago Blues BAnd Plays On/Sire

Set 7

Stooges/Real Cool Time/Stooges/Rhino



Buzzy Lawler


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    January 1st, 2011

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