Salad Days 1-14-11 The Haverchucks presents:

Salad DaysSalad Days 1-14-11 The Haverchucks

Tonight, the Haverchucks play live in the WRIR studio! Thanks for listening!! If you missed it, grab the podcast here.


minor threat/salad days/dischord

rezillos/destination venus/sire

rust belt lights/home, sweet home/paper + plastick

damned/love song/chiswick

dickies/pretty ballerina/triple x

house boat/dc showcase presents: inferiority complex, volume 420/traffic street

dwarves/everybodies girl/theologian


holly & the italians/tell that girl to shut up/oval

marked men/fix my brain/swami

delay/bad habits, good company/plain language/salinas

mopes/my heart won't bleed for you/lookout!


Haverchucks – Live!!!

1. Jimmy's Song

2. Try

3. Ugly

4. All My Time With You


undertones/mars bars/sire

ergs!/books about miles davis/dirtnap


Haverchucks – Interview


descendents/i'm the one/epitaph

fear of lipstick/summertime/it's alive

ramones/i wanna be sedated/sire

hextals/my xbox got the red ring of death/rally

ataris/all souls day/paper + plastick


joan jett & the blackhearts/a.c.d.c./blackheart

teenage bottlerocket/in the basement/red scare

leftovers/nothing to do/rally

hives/a get together to tear it apart/burning heart

masshysteri/masshysteri del tva/ny vag

methadones/bored of television/thick

queers/pull me out of it/asian man


riptides/detention/union 212

hold tight!/one foot down/sr

accelerators/got kicked in the front of my head/stardumb

riverdales/heart out of season/asian man

lords of the new church/question of temperature/irs

varsity weirdos/you bother me/it's alive


jetty boys/reflectors/rally


nofx/bottles to the ground/epitaph


copyrights/days of despair/it's alive

j church/vampire girl prefers me alive/no idea

cheaters/it's alright/big dipper

high tension wires/tokyo is burning down/dirtnap

rousers/magazine girl/torso

candy hearts/blocking the sunshine/sr


powerchords/think i'm gonna/single screen



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    January 14th, 2011

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