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The Other Side of Jazz

Every now and then, we like to venture off into the jazzy side of things on Midnight Soulstice. Especially if it's a sub-genre of Jazz that has not received its proper place in music history. On tonight's show, our host DJ Pari will dig out some vinyl rarities by some terribly underrated artists; for example Jimmy Heath, Eugene McDaniels, Michael White and Marvin Peterson. You'll get to hear sometimes obscure, yet incredibly deep and spiritual music from labels like abc Impulse, Flying Dutchman, Groove Merchant and many more. This set will not exactly make you dance on your kitchen floor, but we promise that it will touch you at a much deeper place. So sit back, relax, open a bottle of beer or wine and let us take you on a fantastic journey to a place we call The Other Side of Jazz. And click "Read more" for tonight's playlist.

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Mr. Felty and DJ Pari


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    January 28th, 2011

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