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Be Prepared            Tom Lehrer

Poisiong Pigeons In The Park   Tom Lehrer

Get Up                       Washed Out

In The Light               Led Zepplin


Round and Round       Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitt   

The Endless Endings        Clem Snide

Loveblind                        The Church

Myrrh                                 The Church

Sunken Waltz                 Calexico


Hook and Ladder            Vetiver

Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?      Tame Impala

Apply                                      Glasser

I Think I See The Light         Cat Stevens


A La Fiesta De La San Juan       Juanesco Y Su Combo



Three Hits                                  Indigo Girls

Psychic Say                                  Leslie Moruza

Concrete Jungle                      G.R.A.S.S.

This Tornado Loves You           Niko Case


She's Alright                                   Muddy Waters

Parachute Woman                        The Rolling Stones

Alabama Song                               The Doors

Telemetron                                    Hexstatic

Mr. Pshik                                          Messr. Fur Frau Muller


Ace of Spades                                Link Wray

Dueces Wild                                      Link Wray

Bitter Tears                                   INXS

Start Wearing Purple                  Gogol Bordello

I Will Rise Up/Ain't No Cane      Lyle Lovett  


Albert Green


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    January 30th, 2011

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