Party of One: Time to rock your face off!!! presents:

A Party Of OneParty of One: Time to rock your face off!!!

Just spent two hours spinnin' blues for Lee, now it's time to rock out!

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Podcast! (I swear I'll remember this week!)

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Asie Payton – Asie's Jam
The Stooges – I wanna Be Your Dog
Modern Lovers – Foggy Notion
Wreckless Eric – Whole Wide World
David Bowie – Moonage Daydream
Elvis Hitler – Battle Cry of 1000 Men
Flat Duo Jets – Lucky Eye
The Evens – Cache is Empty
Violent Femmes – Color me once
Frank Black – Headache
The Breeders – I just wanna get along
The Amps – Full on Idle
Radiohead – Anyone can play guitar
Built to spill – I would hurt a fly
The Smiths – London
Strawberry Switchblade – Another Day (request)
X – Universal Corner
Nancy & the Knockers – 1000 Black Bags
Meat Puppets – Lake of Fire
Suburban Lawns – Janitor (request)
The Replacements – Shooting Dirty Pool
Nirvana – Sappy
The Wipers – D-7
Fugazi – Bad Mouth
The Ramones – Time has come today
The Slickee Boys – Medley Louise/Control
Soundgarden – Mind Riot
Juliana Hatfield – My Sister (request)
Joan Jett – Don't Abuse Me
Gogol Bordello – I would never want to be young again
Motorhead – Ace of Spades
Muppets closing theme – Thanks for listening!!!!!



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    February 1st, 2011

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