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River City Limitshello February!

Thanks for listening!   We have some live local music for you today from Shane Sayers!.

Caraway                      The Diamond Center

Ground Nest                 Ultra Dolphins

Orchid                              Marionette

Crazy Love                    Penny Shaker


Black Valentine              Venus Throw

The Room                    The Low Branches

Smoke From the City     Luke Sanders

Wooden Eyes                The Florentines

Summer Haunts Summer    The Snowy Owls

Brass Scene Kidz                   No BS Brass Band


Went for a Bar, Stopped At A Walk           Near Earth Objects

The Pretty One and the Thief                   Shane Sayers

Twirl                                                          Shane Sayers


Tiny Raindrops                                        Amazing Ghost

Don't Cry                                                Sports Bar

Note                                                         Phil Pollard



Patience/Love                                          Shane Sayers

Silly Boy                                                    Shane Sayers

Stay Past Morning                                     Shane Sayers

Get In                                                      SupaFriendz


Ice Picks                                                    Josh Small

007    Soul                                                   Mr.Wiggles

I'm Not paranoid                                        Special Ed and the short Bus

Happy Bell                                               Mermaid Skeletons


Intermission                                             8 Bit  Runner




Albert Green


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    February 5th, 2011

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