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Songs From The Big HairThe Colonel is in town

Colonel White is in the house today playing 80's tunes. Thanks for listening!!! If you missed it, grab the pocast here.


manitoba's wild kingdom/the party starts now

slickee boys/life of the party

tommy keene/back to zero

martha hull/feelin' right tonight

wanktones/hiccupped to hell

velvet monkeys/evelyn marble


todd rundgren/the want of a nail

utopia/infrared & ultraviolet

rubinoos/if i had you back

tpoh/she's so young

xtc/sacrificial bonfire

cheap trick/next position please

bourgeois tagg/i don't mind at all


monks/i ain't gettin'any

new musik/world of water

jam/running on the spot

barone and maestro/flew a falcon

roger & the goosebumps/stairway to gilligan's island


dee dee king/funky man



joe piscapo & eddie murphy/ebony & ivory

paul mccartney/this one

damascus/a day in the life of green acres

utopia/i just want to touch you

toms/it's needless

julian lennon/valotte


dave stewart & barbara gaskins/it's my party

private dicks/she said no

a-moms/modern noise


leila & the snakes/r&r weirdos

stranglers/everybody loves you when you're dead

lightning raiders/psychecelic music


little bo bitch/annoying all the neighbors



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    February 5th, 2011

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