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Why had I never seen all of McCabe & Mrs. Miller before this week? My oversight, indeed. Great Robert Altman film, and I'm sure it's one that the Coen Bros. have seen countless times (see their version of True Grrt).

Set 1

Timebox/Gone is the Sad Man/Nugget II, vol.2Rhino

Kinks/Two Sisters/Something Else/Essentials

Lee Michaels/Games/Barrel/A&M

Gonn/Blackout of Gretely/Nuggets I, vol.4/Rhino

Procol Harum/Shine on Brightly/Shine on Brightly/Westside

Set 2

Chambers Bros./You Got the Power to Turn Me On/A New Time, A New Day/CBS

Buddy Miles/Dreams/Them Changes/Mercury

Deep Purple/Bloodsucker/In Rock/Waqrner Bros.

Animals/Take it Easy/Complete Animals/EMI

Frankie Miller/Hard on the Levee/The Rock/Chrysalis

Set 3

Rumors/Hold Me Now/Nuggets I, vol.4/Rhino

Sensational Alex Harvey Band/Fanfare + Faith Healer + Tomahawk Kid/Live/Vertigo

Set 4

Thin Lizzy/Still in Love with You/Night Life/Vertigo

Phil Lynott/Jamaican Rum/Solo in Soho/Warner Bros.

Gary Moore Band/Grinding Stone/Grinding Stone + Sail Across the Mountain/Philips

Set 5

Frantics/Human Monkey/Love is the Song We Sing/Rhino

Argent/It's Only Money, pt.2/In Deep/Epic

Flo & Eddie/If We Only Had the Time/Flo & Eddie/FloEdco

Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane/Annie/Rough Mix/MCA

Wishbone Ash/Hometown/There's the Rub/MCA

Litter/Blues One/Distortions/Arf Arf

Set 6

Amboy Dukes/Dr. Slingshot/Loaded for Bear/CBS


Buzzy Lawler


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    February 12th, 2011

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