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Good morning, kids.

Let's lay down the groundwork for what will surely be Phil D.'s most dazzling Breakfast Blend {immediately following this important broadcast …} at 6 … Let's make him proud, let's make him hold on to those sanity beads like there is no tomorrow … plus your valis Pick of the Week with the Purrs.

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Have a nice flight,

~mr. atavist

Make sure you check out interview with Brooklyn's Traveling Circle … the skinny on their debut Handmade House, their follow-up, frozen fish, the Bee Gees. All with no apologies to Yes … 

Not enough skinny for you? Then get all the goods on the WRIR Spring Fund Drive T-shirt contest here. Get in on the chance to wave your freak flag with the best in town.

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    February 17th, 2011

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