An Oscar Salute - The Annual Soundtrack Show presents:

The Man In The Gray Flannel SuitAn Oscar Salute – The Annual Soundtrack Show

Hey Listeners,

The Academy Awards are over, but tonight we'll have some fun with soundtracks and tip our hats to some of the year's best.  Lots on the schedule:

Set 1 – Great songs from recent soundtracks

Set 2 – Caught live

Set 3 – The Great Debaters

Set 4- Lifetime Achievement Award – John Travolta a musical retrospective

Set 5 – The Ant's / Bug's Life Award for the cheesiest 1 year later derivative flick

Set 6 – Winter's Bone / Get Low – mountain music

Set 7 – Exit Through the Gift Shop

Thanks for listening,

The Haberdasher

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Scott Ilnicky


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    February 28th, 2011

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