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As a kid I always felt as if every day of math class was the end-of-the world , but finally I have some numbers to support that childhood dread:

An expert  friend of mine who used to run a scientific research website and forum sent me this equation  which was discovered by a team of EU scientists who found the following  thread of numbers buried deep within  an arcane  permutation of Pi. :  …9110131011122112.

The Doomsday Equation:

NYC terror : 9.11.01  (the first 5 digits above)

Japan day of catastrophes: 3.10.11   ( the next five digits above)

= 12.21.12 ( the final six digits, which of course is the calender date for the Mayan End of Days… and the six digit endtimes sum also corresponds to the Six Tiers of Heaven, which is how Godzilla sorts us out after he kills us all.)

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    March 19th, 2011

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