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Regardless of what your calendar says, it's no joke … It looks good on paper, and undoubtedly will sound even better. DJ Dizz of the new Soul Food on WRIR, Thursdays, 3-6 a.m., will be assuming command for part of our quality broadcast to give us a nice big bite of what they got cooking over there …

"Giving listeners a taste of the past and the present by exposing the soul and R&B elements that make up today's hip-hop."
I think the show just got catered.
Mmmmmmmmm, what's that smell? 
Might just be some chocolate head candy getting into some soulful peanut butter: sounds good, tastes good and is good for you …
We got the rich and creamy picks from DJ Dizz along with your valis Pick of the Week, we'll get to the brand new smoking Hills disc, Maserati, Mugstar, brand new Electric Moon and the new Vibravoid,Helicon, something off the new Hawkwind Triad disc, Hopewell, Irata … and much more. No guarantees, no returns. We're playing it by ear so it might not only get crowded in the kitchen, it's gonna get hot in the cannibal pot … join us.

Good morning … buckle up.

~ mr. atavist

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    March 31st, 2011

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