River City Limts - White Laces LIVE IN STUDIO B presents:

River City LimitsRiver City Limts – White Laces LIVE IN STUDIO B

Happy Humid Saturday – Richmond does it like no one else. White Laces will be playing live in Studio B at 6 p.m. It's a must-hear event. Thanks to Tim D. and Noell for engineering it up.

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The Red Hot Lava Men – Speed Fantastico

Sundials – Never Settle

Eternal Summers – Silver (Roanoke, VA)
The Sad Cobras – Bodycast (Roanoke, VA)

Phil & The Fireflye – She Died


Photosynthesizers – Astrobelts 

A Roman Holiday – Octopus

Supression – Release The Pirahna 

Pink Razors – Geometric Park

Orioles – New Green Nother

Sports Bar – Flowerz


Rattlemouth – Head Lice

The Dirty Banners – Money Magic

VCR – Rad

Alison Self – Busted Knees, Broken Hearts

Jonathan Vassar – Catch Me If You Can

Ultradolphins – Ground Nest

Trillions – For The Better


::::::::::::::::WHITE LACES LIVE IN STUDIO B::::::::::::::::

1) Mexico

2) Bastard's Dead

3) Honeywood

4) Untitled – NEW

5) Psychic Healing


Peace Beast – Can't Believe

The Diamond Center – The Deer Pistol


Triple Twins – Time Capsule

The Two Funerals – No!

Tereu Tereu – Cheers

Fuzzy Baby – Bread, Butter and Champagne


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    June 18th, 2011

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